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As a responsible motorhome user I feel that this poem is appropriate to all as Christmas fast approaches.


A Real Friend ?


Another drink? My best friend said As he leant across the bar

I can't I replied, you'll see me dead You know I've got the car

Just the one, I've bought it now He said as if it mattered

Then I stared across the fast lane Where all my life was scattered

I wish I hadn't listened I moaned in deep despair

My friend lay dead beside me He didn't have a care

And if I hadn't listened My friend might still be there

So if you have a friend Who insists you have a drink

Just read to him this poem

And hope it makes him think

Then if he still insists and tries to make a fuss

Tell him to drink it himself, then make him take the bus!


© Ken Ayling 1st September 1999


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